IMO: Nespresso’s Cafecito De Cuba Espresso (Limited Edition)

Along with chugging a liter of water upon waking (thank you Cameron Diaz), coffee is one of the first things I consume in the AM. An almond milk cappuccino specifically. I use Nespresso pods and Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (it foams the best).

In June (2016), Nespresso announced that they will “sell Cuban coffee in the U.S. for the first time in half a century” (  There had been a permanent ban on Cuban coffee since 1962, up until President Obama ended the Cuba embargo.


But enough politics, how does it taste, you ask. These Cafe de Cuba pods ( made from Arabica Cuban beans). Upon first sip, I realize that this pod is no Bukeela ka Ethiopia pod (intensity 3). I would put Cafecito up there with Kazaar or Dharkan (intensity 11-12), but with a caramel or Carmelito aroma. It’s a little spicy and definitely has a distinct flavor profile.

I would suggest this coffee for anyone who likes caffeine or the strong taste of coffee generally. I recently learned that some people drink coffee and don’t like the taste? *shakes head*


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