Transitional Activities

You know how people talk about that elusive “transitional weather.” That period of time between (or at the end/beginning of?) seasons that can’t really be pinpointed but you just kind of feel it in the air? Well folks, we’re in one. So, how is a New Yorker supposed to handle these changing times/weather… ACTIVITIES! Here are some ideas of ways to make that “transition” from sweaty, sunny Summer days to chilly, festive Fall more enjoyable. IMG_0587

FIT Lectures

This event is FREE! All you have to do is “pay” for your $0 ticket online to get a ticket. I’ve seen protestors yell at Anna Wintour and the Rodarte designers speak about their whimsical inspirations. Looking forward to hear Thom Browne and Eva Chen speak this fall.

Central Park Runs

Run or walk, this one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Other options include East or Hudson river. You might even be able to catch the last of those Inst-snappable #NYCsunset pics. Do it before the wind starts to hurt your face come Winter!

Museum Exhibitions


The Summer tourists’ vacations are winding down and the Winter in-flood won’t begin for another few months. THIS IS THE TIME TO GO. Get your culture on and check out what the MoMa, Guggenheim, MET, Whitney, Neue Galerie, Frick, or Brooklyn Museum have upcoming.

I’m looking forward to: Max Beckmann (Oct. 19), Agnes Martin (Oct. 7), and Nan Goldin (on view now).

Drink Hot Things While Walking Around

Finally! You can drink your hot-beverage-of-choice without sweating (or turning beet-red as I do). Hurrah. I like to think of myself as a New York coffee aficionado, but I’m still exploring other beverage options. My suggestions for best coffee in NYC:

Blank Slate – Any place that uses Califia Farms Barista Blend almond milk knows what’s going on, IMO.

La Colombe – The best espressos. Their iced-coffee is a bit brutal; they throw an extra espresso shot in already pretty strong coffee. But thankfully, their warmer options made with perfectly thick, foamed milk balance out that acidity.

Ludlow Coffee Supply – A new one to the street with Katz’s Deli and Sweet Chick as neighbors, I think this coffee place will feel right at home with its high coffee standards and trendy avocado toast.

Joe Coffee – Their latte art is on point and unexpected ( it usually seems reserved for slow brunches at most places). They have lids that allow for maximum foam entry. Also, Califia almond milk. Enough said.

Everyman Espresso – Just great coffee, whatever you get. And space to actually sit and enjoy it! (Photo sourced from website. Tattoo I made need to get. Just kidding @parents.)



This is a great idea for small groups or cocktails before a date. A little chill in the air while overlooking the skyline (see above about sunsets) is super romantic. During the summer, everyone is slightly moist and wearing sunglasses making it hard to connect (physically and otherwise). Take advantage before these places become inaccessible: Jimmy at The James, Hotel Hugo, Boom Boom Room or Le Bain (photo below) at The Standard Hotel, Mr. Purple at Hotel Indigo, and La Birreria at Eataly are some of my go-tos.


These are just a few suggestions. There are endless possibilities of activities to do before it’s too cold to do them. Take advantage of this transitional period!

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