Beauty: The Rich + Clean

I’m a sucker for packaging, product packing that is. More and more “curated” shops and speciality products have been popping up on the market. Within this Instagram/media-driven world we live in, there are more opportunities for small producers/ entrepreneurs/ startups to make a niche product line AND have it be successful.

And due to the visual nature of our present society, aesthetics are crucial in creating a new product line.

This past weekend, I discovered The Rich + Clean at a local, small town Connecticut store. (Also loved the Balsem candles in the back of the photo.)


This line is made in Brooklyn in small batches. It is all-natural, sulfate and paraben free… and made for men. Wait, what? Yeah, it’s a beautifully designed men’s product line and I’m obsessed. Their tagline is: “Men… you’re welcome.”

Generally, I’ve never discriminated against using men’s products – fun tip: at the drugstore, they are usually much cheaper than those for women. I think it’s absolutely genius to create a line entirely focused on men. I know, I know, they are not the first – Kiehl’s is another popular brand that does. But coming from a female, thank you @therichandclean for making it easier for us females to buy gifts for our SOs… and ourselves?

unnamed-1I walked away with their  White Grapefruit, Aloe, and Cedar Wood Hand Wash , but I could have bought the entire line. The scent is distinct, but unusual. The type that will make you smell your hands multiple times after washing them just to figure out all the different notes.

And, the bottle itself makes my sink look so much cooler now. Thanks Rich + Clean! (Women… you’re welcome.)

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