2016 Wellness Trend: Self-Care

Monday mornings for me involve catching up on all the news, blogs, emails, and errands that I put off (or ignored) all weekend. I love starting off like this because reading articles or news stories and accomplishing things on my to-do list inspires me to work hard AND HUSTLE in the week ahead.

I had a little bit of a sugar-laden weekend – sister’s birthday plus sleepover with friends means a good deal of cake, pastries, and tequila were consumed this weekend. It’s hard to face Monday knowing I have to get back to taking care of myself again, because CAKE IS GOOD (and I would love to eat it every day).

Reading this article by The Chalkboard Magazine is a good reminder that self-care is extremely important and the best health trend out there because it applies to your mental, emotional, and physical well being.

This is how I got back to taking care of myself this Monday morning:

  • Vitamins – Iron (slightly anemic) + Vitamin C (for absorption), Biotin (for hair and nails), Culturelle probiotics (gut health), and Echinacea + Zinc (feeling a cold coming on)
  • Writing Weekly Goals – Things I want to accomplish this week re: career, job, personal.
  •  Gym- Kickboxing followed by some much needed stretching.
  • Healthy Eats – Eating well on a Monday is a non-negotiable for me. I had eggs an a spoonful (or two) of almond butter for breakfast and a Sweetgreen Harvest Bowl (no rice) for lunch. Also, two almond cappucinos (because it’s still Monday, and zzzzz).
  • Cleaning – Laundry that I always intend to do on Sunday and always ends up getting done on Monday. Bleaching sheets and making my bed feels very therapeutic and productive.
  • Planner Updates – I keep a Moleskin planner by my bed. I’ve never been able to keep up with updates on my phone. I like to physically write down and check off things in my schedule. It’s a good indicator of time as well. I chalk it up to being a visual person, I like to flip pages and see time passing.


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