The Fall Choker

I’m not one to stay on top of fashion trends. Obviously, I notice what “kids” these days are wearing, but I’ve never felt the need to copy an uber-trend. However, this past summer I did notice the prevalence of the choker – and yes, I partook in the trend on occasion. Thanks to the Kendalls, Gigis, other insta-famouses, and Monica Rose (stylist to most of them), the 90s made a full comeback via this too-tight necklace.

I got behind the choker trend because it paired well with “the crop top” trend. But WINTER IS COMING and that means belly buttons have to/should go into hibernation for a little while. And I’m predicting and hoping that harnesses and leather-neck accessories will become Fall/Winter’s new covetable trend. Why such an daring prediction, you ask? Because they can be worn over a variety of cold-weather appropriate outfits. And most importantly, because they look badass. Caution: this trend is a little more aggressive than a thin piece of black string around your neck. It’s straight up body-hardware and I’m into it.


Photographer Nam

I know what you’re thinking, where does one buy such contraptions besides your local S&M store? Zana Bayne is a “post-fetish leather brand” and a good place to start. #LeatherWithLove

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