Walk On: Sneaker Review

I’ll keep this post short(ish) and sweet. I’m not a runner. I find it monotonous and ineffective. I do believe that it works for some people with the runner’s high and whatnot. Just not my thing. I am, however, a walker. I walk EVERYWHERE. It’s become a running (pun-intended) joke with my friends and family that wherever I go, I opt-out of regular transportation. Reasons why I walk everywhere (like I need them):

  1. I live in a beautiful city and I like exploring it by foot.
  2. Cabs/Ubers/Lyfts make me nauseous.
  3. The trains are unreliable on weekends.
  4. Exercise!
  5. I save money. Has anyone realized the subway is now $2.75?

I’ve literally walked through the heels and soles of multiple shoes, so I’ve had to resort to sneakers for the majority of my trekking. And I just want to let you all in on a little sneaker secret…



This magnificent creature is aptly named The Cloud by On.  And they are, indeed, heavenly to walk in.

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