Recovering from Thanksgiving

Happy day after Thanksgiving! If you did it right, you should still be in bed recovering from a food coma. You might have a slight stomach ache, headache (probably from dehydration), and lethargy.

Some suggestions to quickly recover from this Thanksgiving hangover:

HYDRATE – Between the sugar from the pie, sodium from the gravy, and sugar and alcohol from the red wine, you are probably massively dehydrated. Drinking water will wake up your digestive system and begin to mediate your headache. If you’re feeling groggy, try to avoid going straight for that foamy double cappuccino. Caffeine narrows your blood vessels and increases blood pressure, which both make your headache and hangover much worse. On the flip side, if you’re a regular coffee drinker (like me) then you’ll probably want to have a little caffeine (tea) because caffeine-withdrawal can also cause you to have a painful headache that feels like a hangover. Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

MOVE – I know this is the most annoying tip, but even a 30 minute walk in some fresh air can be extremely restorative. And I’ve found that once you get started and feel more awake, you’ll feel benefits will outweigh the work. For digestion, I suggest doing some yoga twists or inversions.

EAT NORMALLY – There are two things I’ve known people to do after a big meal, eat nothing or continue to eat large portions. You might be surprised to find that you’re hungry the morning after Thanksgiving. This is actually to be expected, because your stomach has been slightly stretched due to the size of your last meal. Don’t worry, once you go back to eating normal portions it will shrink back to normal. This is where I suggest NOT having that piece of pie for breakfast. Not only will the refined carbs and sugar spike your blood-sugar levels causing you to feel jittery and unfocused for the rest of the day, but you will also probably be hungry again within an hour. The basic science behind this is that an insulin surge interferes with leptin, the hormone that sends a signal to your body to stop eating. Start your day with protein, good fats, and some leftover roasted sweet potatoes or other veggies. If you’re still craving that pie, I guarantee you’ll have a smaller piece and feel more satisfied after.

DON’T STRESS – Relax, enjoy your family, and enjoy good food. One meal will not make you fat, just like one salad won’t make you skinny. Continue to be thankful that you have this really cool body that has all these very-normal, human reactions!

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