The New New in New York

Times are a changin’, especially in the realm of startups in NYC. Brands such as Outdoor Voices, Everlane, and Glossier are making a name for themselves via Instagram and word-of-mouth. And it’s working for them.



These brands are connecting to their market using millennial-worthy phrases such as “Doing Things,” “Radical Transparency,” and “Skin is In.”  The founders Tyler Haney (OV), Michael Preysman (Everlane), and Emily Weiss (Glossier), know that their customer is smart. Each CEO discovered a gap in their market’s industry, a craving that this generation (and older) had for easy, usable, wearable, affordable, and sustainable fashion and beauty. They started with good ideas and created great products. outdoor-voices-spring-2016-collection-twin-with-your-bff-01-780x520

Here are my favorites from each (and fun little quotes from the founders):

OUTDOOR VOICES, Tyler Haney: “I’m very much a risk taker. I don’t have experience on my side, but I have persistence.” (

Outdoor Voices favorite: Two-Tone Athena Crop


3/4 Two-Tone Warmup Legging


EVERLANE, Michael Preysman: “I think the notion of a product where you know you’re going to get great quality, you know the price is going to be good and you know the company is incredibly honest and transparent about everything that happens is something that’s very refreshing.” (BoF)

Everlane favorites: The Modern Babo

The Cashmere Crop Mockneck


GLOSSIER, Emily Weiss: “That’s sort of how we think about things, as always a fresh start. We want to be able to make girls really happy and excited about beauty. I think that beauty is something that can be very overwhelming and very alienating and there’s certainly no shortage of beauty products that exist. We wanted to give a clear vision for something that can make you really happy, or really bring joy to your morning or your evening or your day.” (Racked

Glossier favorite: Balm Dotcom


Haloscope in Quartz 


Why I wear sunscreen all year round…

Summary of The Wall Street Journal‘s article on how to prevent the signs of aging: 

  1. Start wearing earplugs to concerts when you turn 25. Also, it’s probably best to plug your ears when the subway goes by or there’s construction nearby.
  2. Hearing is best until 25 and at 50 hearing loss becomes noticeable, prevent it using above step.
  3. Memory and processing peak in your 20s, so start writing a journal. It’s nice to look back and read about important events in your life that you can no longer remember.
  4. In your early 30s, you should start taking Vitamin D for bone mass health. 
  5. Sarcopenia, a progressive loss of skeletal muscle, occurs in your 30s. So start doing pilates to build core and postural strength. Core strength contributes to balance, which is crucial for going up and down stairs in your 60s and 70s.
  6. Loss of muscle mass is 10% per 10 years.
  7. After 40, learning new information is difficult. This means read, learn, and grow in your 20s and 30s.
  8. Eyesight and health declines starting in your 40s. The worst issue is age-related macular degeneration, which can’t be cured. So for prevention, eat a diet of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc and copper, and other vitamins found in leafy greens. Also, don’t smoke.
  9. In your 50s, lower-body strength and balance decline so start doing those squats and yoga now!

Takeaway: Take care of yourself now, even if you don’t feel or see signs of aging yet.